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Energy Healing - By Roxana​

Andean Shamanic Energy Healing    

1Hr $95

Using ancient energetic techniques to clear energy blockage from our luminous body accumulated from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual trauma. This process starts a healingand self-discovery , strengthening your energy within your emotional, physical, mental andspiritual aspects of your BEING.


Meditation Chakra Clearing and Balancing   1Hr $105

Clearing and balancing of the 7 cosmic vortex centers, unblockingg the energy flow of body and mind.




Home and/or Business Cleansing      


Remove old heavy energy. The intention of this cleaning ceremony is to full your house/business with light energy of peace, serenity, love and prosperity


Numerology Chart                              

1Hr $85

A science of numbers or as pythagoras would call it vibration, this was practice by men of wisdom in ages long past. It is believed that person comes into this life at a certain time and with a certain name not as a matter of chance but as a matter of choice, and that from these things much can be told about the person and his/her life.

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